Miscellaneous Animals

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Rough Green Snake Ophepdrys aestivus adults both male and female 24.95
Garter Snake Thamnophis sirtalis adults both male and female 19.95
Meller's Chameleon Chameleo melleri young adult male 175.00
Jackson's Chameleon C. jacksoni young adult pair 175.00 each
Four Horned Chameleon young adults 150.00
Ousteletts's Chameleon 2.2 young adults 149.95
Cape Zebra Gecko adults 15.95
House Gecko Hemidactylus sp. adults 4.95
Leopard Gecko Eublepharis macularius high yellow babies 69.95
Madagascar Panther Gecko Paradiera pictus adults 64.95
Yellow Head Gecko adults 19.95
Tomato Frog Dyscophus antongili young adult 65.95
Tiger Leg Walking Frog young adults 49.95
Blue Legged Mantella  young 54.95
Cameroon Big Eyed Frog adults 39.95
Tangerine Tree Frog young adults 39.95
Tiger Tree Frog adult 34.95
African Reed Frog young 6.95
Fire Belly Toad Bombina orientalis adults 9.95
Turtles, Box Turtles. Tortoises
Mouhouti Wood Turtle Pyxidea mouhouti adults 69.95
Central Amer. Giant Wood Turtle Rhinoclemys funerea young adults 59.95

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