The Reptile Ranch of Laura and Chuck.
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  Chuck and I were breeding reptiles before we even met, 10 years ago, he in his house with his parents and I in my house with my parents and joined together to learn, share and educate the public on the proper way to care for reptiles. We now have a large building dedicated to the reptiles and together have been doing this now for 15 years.
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I started with the common Anoles on my yearly trips to Florida to visit grandma. Chuck started with the collecting and breeding of California kings and Gopher snakes. It evolved into various color phases of Bearded Dragons, Australian Water Dragons, Uromastyx (Moroccan and Egyptian), geckos and many different varieties of Corn snakes, Milk snakes and King snakes.

Laura in the San Jose Store 
As producers of high quality snakes and lizards we dedicate our extensive knowledge and care to our many reptiles and customers.

We maintain a stringent health and care schedule. All our animals are cleaned, checked and tested regularly to ensure the best possible health guarantee. No animal is ever sold unless it eats freewill and thriving.

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Chuck and Laura

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